Pimpz, Playaz, and Hustlaz Party

On Feb. 27th, 1999, ZBT had yet another successful theme party. The theme this time: Pimpz, Playaz, and Hustlaz. I thought it was a fun, very late 90's theme, and a good excuse to get way over dressed. =) I've been DJing parties more often lately, and this one was no exception. Most of the photos you see here are related to my DJ experience at the party. Aside from having tons of dressed up, decked out dancing party people, I had my own dose of excitement from the old, failing Carver amplifier we have powering the Bose 901's. In a pre-party sound check playing a remix of Sneaker Pimps Spin Spin Sugar (from Becoming RemiXed, track 4) that is really bass heavy, the amplifier overheated (even despite the beefed up cooling I had just installed) and also blew its fuse. Tom Cleary and I had to crack it open, cool off the thermal fuse, and replace the main fuse (the trick was finding an MDC-12 fuse at 10PM on a saturday! that's a whole other story, anyways). The main fuse blew out so hard that its contents had melted out, making it quite a trick to extract. After fixing that, we put the unit back together, and we were rolling just as the guests started coming in. Unfortuneately, the Carver amp failed again during the party (!), but luckily, our homebuilt powered subwoofer (built by Shamik Das and Allan Lum, based on the Bose wave cannon design--they took the class at MIT taught by Bose, so they know the physics of the speaker) made enough noise to keep everyone hopping on the dance floor. In the meantime, I was scrambling around the DJ stand with a bottle of quick-freeze spray in hand, trying to reset the thermal fuse. Luckily, we were back on-line in about one minute, and only a couple guests even noticed. From that point on, I cut all the bass going to the Carver and just pumped a lot of treble to give the illusion of loudness (psychoacoustics at work!), and tried to put as much bass as we could into the wave cannon. It worked, and after setting up some make-shift backup speakers, the party went smoothly from then on. So much for the saga of the DJ. Anyways, here are some pictures from the party.

YEAH! It's the Pimpz, Playaz, and Hustlaz pose posse. That's JT Cardella, Troy Hudson, and Adam Reynolds (left to right).

That's me, just after getting dressed up and bringing my tracks down to the DJ stand

Me again, looking a bit sillier and more (com)posed. Yeah, mafia look. :-P

Up in the DJ stand, at the mixer with my headphones. You can almost make out my ponytail (at the time of writing, I think this is the only pic I have on the site with my newly-grown ponytail even close to showing). The pimp on the right is Chak Penta, another DJ at the party and quite the pimp.

Ah, that's Tom Cleary...and his girl Jenn Braun. When Tom gets that smile, you know he's up to something...

Tom! Bad boy! Down, boy, down! ;-)

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