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Reverse Engineering

Xenatera, LLC offers design and consulting services to corporations and individuals who wish to develop their ideas and product concepts but lack research and prototyping resources [note: sorry, in order to maintain a high standard of delivery, many services are currently unavailable due to high demand]. This page gives a few examples of the services we provide and projects we have done in the past.

Rapid Prototyping and Custom Design

Xenatera specializes in turning your blue-sky ideas into tangible prototypes. 


Design Consultation

Have a design that you have to nail the first time through? Or maybe a tough design problem that requires a fresh look and a new angle? Xenatera Partners is here to help. 


Reverse Engineering

Xenatera has extensive experience in reverse engineering products for forensics, competition analysis, and interoperability. We also specialize in analyzing cryptographically secured and/or tamper-resistant hardware for weaknesses. 


Xenatera can work for you

Xenatera has a portfolio of example products, prototypes and fun knick knacks available for your viewing!




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